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Learn Music- 1st_LearnMusic Community!

Tune your instrument wisely, young apprentice

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Welcome to 1st_LearnMusic

Community created 07/01/05.

Hey everyone at livejournal! For those who love all forms of art including music, we are delighted to invite each and everyone one of you who are interested in learning or teaching music! We provide you with tutorials as well as online support! This is a new community and I hope you will all join. Everyone has a hidden talent that is just waiting to come out. So what are you waiting for? Discover yours! Our community is growing each day, and I hope you will join! :)

So what's it like to be a 1st_Learnmusic member?
Here, it's pretty chillaxed. We're a group of awesome talented and fun people who help eachother with our music problems and demands. Having trouble with scales, can't tell the difference between treble cleff and bass clef... and why the heck is there a C Major and Minor? Need help perfecting Chopin, preparing for a violin recital, or stressing over that music theory test? Want to discover what all this mystery is about gaining Perfect Pitch? Just want some lessons? That is what 1st_LearnMusic is here for!

So, who can join in with this awesome music community?

You don't have to be a musician to belong here! This is a community for...
  • those who sing in the shower every morning waking up the whole house with their rendition of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (or Nirvana, if you like ;)).
  • the person who recieved a guitar when they were 9 years old and hasn't picked it up... until now.
  • those who are going to or will be going to music school and need advice/info. Way to go!
  • Anyone interested in the arts- fine or liberal
  • musicians/music teachers
  • Hey, if you listen to music at all, and if you've managed to stumble onto here, you definitely have the same interests... you're welcome here! You're all welcome here!! :P

    We have a great community. Whatcha waitin' for? Be a part of it!


    We are still looking for members! We hope this community grows larger by the day. So if you would like to show your love and support for 1st_LearnMusic, feel free to use these banners to promote and put in your userinfo! (Completely optional but it sure would help! :))

    Please Note: This community was just created and I am working hard on it right now. Soon, it should be up and running! Please keep checking back! Thanks!

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