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Learn Music- 1st_LearnMusic Community!
Tune your instrument wisely, young apprentice
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21st-Jan-2007 10:14 am - I need smbd's help


Hello! I'm studing in Moscow Conservatoria and I'm plaing harp. I'm going to my english exam on wednesday, but I have some problems...I don't know what to say about one theme... MY FAVOURITE COMPOSITION. Write some sentence for me.If it's not hard to my post.
9th-Sep-2006 10:02 am(no subject)
Hi! I'm new! I'm going to be taking my Grade 7 flute exam in November and I am TERRIFIED... Any tips for the aural tests because those are the main worry.

Also, are there any flutists out there who have braces? I find it really hard and my tone is sometimes amazing sometimes...not, let's say! I really want to impress my flute teacher when she comes back from her holiday in two weeks time with my progress but when my tone is bad I get really depressed about it. It would be a knock on the head too if I practiced and practiced and practiced only to have a bad day then. HELP!

Post me any replies 'cause I need help and quickly! Please,
8th-May-2006 02:21 pm - Sheet Music
Does anyone know where to find downloadable sheet music for piano? In particular: The Future Begins With Us - Teresa Jennings
2nd-Mar-2006 02:12 pm - printable music to analysis
i'm currently in a form & analysis clas. i really need to brush up on my harmonic analysis, and i was wondering if anyone could help. I'm looking for a website that offers free, printable chorales, or piano music that would be great for analysising both form and harmonic analysis. I'd appreicate it very much!!

while some folks are at the beach next week it looks like i'll be spending my spring break doing anaylsis .... cant decide if thats frown worthy or not.

28th-Jan-2006 01:55 pm - ABRSM level 6 music theory
has anyone taken the level 6 piano music theory for ABRSM.. because im about to take it in Spring.. does anyone have any good sites that might help me pass the theory test..

the test includes these subjects:

-realising figured basses, key board writing, writing for voices
-harmoinising melodies
-primary triads
-deciding when to change chords
-secondary triads
-harmony in minor keys
-chord symbols
-melody and figured bass
-melodic composition
-tonal melodic composition
-melodic composition in more modern styles

if u guys can give me any good sites that would be cool, thx
29th-Dec-2005 01:04 pm(no subject)
hello all, i would really appreciate it if someone could help me.

i have been in orchestra since i was in 5th grade and i play the viola. i've always said to my friends "gee, i wish i could be in band" bc well...in my school, band pretty much dominates but i also wanted to be in it bc i just love music. so about two weeks ago, i once again said "i wish i was in band" and a friend of mine said "i'm graduating in january, you should ask if you can take my spot" she plays percussion and when i asked the band teacher, he was very nice about it and handed me the music. now the problem is, i dont know how to read percussion music, so i was wondering if anyone knew of any super websites that can help me learn how to read percussion music.

thank you!

x-posted to about very band related community
15th-Aug-2005 03:59 pm - I'm Sorry
hott columbia!
Due to my scheduale I have not been able to make any guides to playing. I will however, be able to handle people on a personal basis. IF anyone needs any help learning/deciding to play: Flute, Piccolo, Tenor Sax, Bassoon, or Persussion, feel free to contact me: AIM: whtvrchck398 EMAIL:wrose11@yahoo.com at any time, I will be happy to help you, pictures included in the lesson if needed.
10th-Aug-2005 10:06 pm(no subject)
Hey! I noticed a lot of new people! That's awesome! I just want to let you know I'm working on finding more and better tutorials for playing the guitar right now that DONT require Jamorama. Also.. I'm really really busy getting ready for university starting this september! Can you believe it? I'm a fine arts major! Whoo! So.. if any of you have any better guitar tutorials PLEASE please feel free to post them! Also.. turorials of any sort will be greatly appreciated. And I want to say thank you for joining! I want to make this the best community for those of any level. (I will try to get more advanced tutorials for piano/violin/oboe and more more more very soon! I promise!)
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