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Learn Music- 1st_LearnMusic Community!
Tune your instrument wisely, young apprentice
Sight Reading Advice 
29th-Jul-2008 12:47 am
ame MYV
Hello! I am new to this community and it seems like the information shared here is quite helpful in expanding music (theory) knowledge to higher levels through a variety of sources, and most importantly, interaction. 
I have played piano for a few years now, and I had a couple questions to ask (after google failed to answer accurately many times), if that's alright to post.  Sight reading has become one of the most critical skills I need to master at my level, and I am having trouble finding a way to thoroughly train myself in reading complex rhythms quickly.  Can anyone suggest a program, book, or other resource that will really help improve rhythm reading? (I know of this program called "Music Rhythm tutor" by ViMas Tech..but it doesn't seem too good).

Second question (sorry-long post!): I am aiming to take the AP Music Theory exam (under collegboard) in May 2009, but I want to take the course before then..it is not offered in my high school.  Could anyone offer some insight on how to get classes or if not, an efficient way to study (good books) on my own?

Any advice is greatly appreciated; thank you so much. ^_^
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