Импровизация: уроки для всех

Красивые соло, интересные импровизации, уверенность в рамках любого джема, а также

всем инструменталистам:
- основы гармонии и анализа ;
- фразировка и рациональность в игре;
- горизонтальное, вертикальное, комбинированное обыгрывание;
- аккордика в практическом применении;

и, кроме этого, гитаристам:
- фортепианное мышление гитариста;
- основы фингерстайла;
- аккомпанемент в дуэте, в трио, в комбо.

Запись на занятия и подробности здесь: randall.flood@gmail.com

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This is great for high school and younger college students interested in playing in an orchestra or at least delving into the world of orchestral repertoire for trumpet. This is a great buy, because the retail price is $880 or more usually, and selling this for half of that at $499. Email me if you are interested at gms05c@gmail.com

Comes with...
7C Weril mouthpiece
Hard shell case
Valve oil

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AP Music Theory

Hello.  This is sort of related to a recent post I made, but I received a lot of insightful responses before, so I hope it's okay to post this quick question too. 
Has anyone ever heard of or enrolled through this website?
I am trying to gather some information from different references as well to figure out how effective or "real" this class claims to be before actually enrolling.
Thank you very much for sharing any advice.
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Sight Reading Advice

Hello! I am new to this community and it seems like the information shared here is quite helpful in expanding music (theory) knowledge to higher levels through a variety of sources, and most importantly, interaction. 
I have played piano for a few years now, and I had a couple questions to ask (after google failed to answer accurately many times), if that's alright to post.  Sight reading has become one of the most critical skills I need to master at my level, and I am having trouble finding a way to thoroughly train myself in reading complex rhythms quickly.  Can anyone suggest a program, book, or other resource that will really help improve rhythm reading? (I know of this program called "Music Rhythm tutor" by ViMas Tech..but it doesn't seem too good).

Second question (sorry-long post!): I am aiming to take the AP Music Theory exam (under collegboard) in May 2009, but I want to take the course before then..it is not offered in my high school.  Could anyone offer some insight on how to get classes or if not, an efficient way to study (good books) on my own?

Any advice is greatly appreciated; thank you so much. ^_^

Fall Applications for Music School

Is anyone out there thinking about applying to college music programs? I'm a recruiter for SUNY - University at Buffalo and I'm here to answer any questions you might have about our program. We have a great mix of traditional and new music options and students are free to focus on any style that they please. We have programs from Bachelor's to PhD and lots of openings, as well as funding, particularly for graduate theory students.

If you're interested in learning more visit our website at http://www.music.buffalo.edu or leave a comment. You can also email me at sbailey4@buffalo.edu.

Hope to hear from you soon!

music theory software

I'm looking for some good music theory software so I can study & keep up over the summer, before I take a music theory placement test in the fall semester.

Ideally, I'd love something that I can use to review the basics, but also use to practice and learn more advanced material. Reviewing diatonic harmony would be great, but I imagine there's little out there that'll let me do that.

Any recommendations? What music theory software do you like the best?


Oboe Day at Mason!

George Mason University (Fairfax, VA) is hosting an FREE Oboe Day on Saturday, March 31, from 10 am-3 pm, concluding with an awesome Senior Oboe Performance Recital given by one of my colleagues at 4.

Clinics include:
“Fixing Up Store-Bought Reeds” by Professor Lorrie Berkshire Brown, very useful for where we’re short on time;
“Woodwind Doubling and Improvisation” by international recording artist Charlie Pillow, where we invite you to dabble in some jazz oboe; and even
“The Oboe as a Global Endeavor,” hosted by T.W. Howarth of London manager, Michael Britton.

Be sure to also stop by our “World of Oboe Petting Zoo,” to try out oboes, oboe d’amores, and English horns.  We also have several double reed technicians on hand, for all your repairing needs.

Visit http://mason.gmu.edu/~aloerch1/oboe.html for more details.  Any questions, just e-mail me at aloerch1@gmu.edu.

classical piano

Is there anyone in Tampa, FL who plays piano, and would be willing to teach me a few classical songs (clair de lune, moonlight sonata, etc.)? I've always wanted to learn but never taken the initiative.